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The overall process of making a video is referred to as video production. The procedure may differ depending on the specifics, but it is essentially the same whether it is a short film, a full-length movie, a company marketing video, a television commercial, a music video, or any type of film. Writing, shooting, and editing are the three main components of video production. You need a screenplay to follow when creating a video, a movie, or a commercial (or at least an outline). You must take photos or create visuals that advance the plot, then edit them together. Sounds simple enough but the process requires skill and expertise, or else it will fail in its main purpose of gaining the attention of the target audience.

At AUM Productions, we understand the impact of a perfectly made video on the audience. Our video production team consists of experts in the industry, who have both the know-how as well as the skills. From corporate videos to social media content and posters, we can create sensational videos of value.

We specialise in different types of videos such as:

  • Ad Film Videos
  • Corporate videos
  • Promotional Videos
  • Entertainment Videos
  • Animation Videos
  • Documentary Films
  • Educational Videos
  • Event Video Coverage

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